Your stem cell donation could go on to be the best dad.

Tom's story

Thanks to a stem cell donor, Tom appreciates the smallest moments and biggest milestones with his son Forrest after surviving a rare blood cancer.   

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If you're between the ages of 17 – 35 and in good health, you could be the rare match for a patient in need.  

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What are stem cells? 

Blood stem cells come from bone marrow, circulating (peripheral) blood or umbilical cord blood. When patients need a stem cell transplant, it means that their bone marrow (stem cell factory) has failed due to an illness. 

Blood stem cells are immature cells that can develop into the cells present in the bloodstream, including:

Red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. 

 White blood cells, which fight infections. 

 Platelets, which help control bleeding. 

Patients who undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment may also need a transplant of healthy stem cells to help heal and re-boost their immune system. 

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Every year, hundreds of Canadian patients — and even more worldwide — wait for a life-saving blood stem cell transplant.

Everyone deserves an equal chance

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Registering to be a stem cell donor

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Check your eligibility with a 2-minute health questionnaire and create your Canadian Blood Services account.

Once you’re registered, a free swab kit will be delivered to your address in 1-3 weeks.

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Swab up

Swab up

Once you receive your swab kit, you can collect your own sample by gently swabbing the insides of your cheeks. When you’re done, just mail it back to us at any post office or drop box, free of charge with postage included.

Show up

Show up

It can take a month or years to find a match. Make sure your health and contact information are up to date so we can reach you when the time comes.

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In Canada, their search for a donor may start with family members, but less than 25% of patients find a match within their family. Most of the time, patients must rely on unrelated volunteer donors from a registry, often with a similar ethnic background to increase their chances of finding a match.

Due to genetic factors outside of anyone’s control, some patients today are less likely to find a matching stem cell donor. A larger, more ethnically diverse donor base can change that. 

  • Many people have difficulty finding a match due to a lack of diversity in stem cell registries around the world. We need donors from as many ethnic and mixed-race backgrounds as possible.
  • Finding a matching donor is hard. Even when patients do find a match, 50% of them turn out to be unavailable for a variety of reasons.